Sunday, July 25, 2010

Perfect Ending

The trip here is coming to an end. Tomorrow we leave, and today had a perfect ending. After having my last big meal in North Dakota at the house of Tony, the elder who has been spending time with and talking to me Tammy and I went to the pow wow. Yesterday I spent a lot of time talking to a man who was from a reservation in South Dakota and was very traditional. Today I found out he is a medicine man, star reader, and pipe carrier. He often goes on vision quests aided by smoking tobacco and peyote. After talking with him again today for a little over an hour Tammy stopped by and asked to go to the rodeo so we left. As we left the man I had been talking to had a vision of Tammy and I and made a peyote sketching of the his vision. When I came back later to talk some more he gave me this great etching.