Monday, July 19, 2010


After passing it twice I found Warwick. There is only a small sign that points to a dirt road. After following the dirt road for a mile you come to main street (another dirt road). I main st. I found this great gas station. It was 9:30 PM and the son was just starting to set. Over the gas station was the only older orange street light. The rest of the lights up and down the road were the newer round blue ones. One by one the round blue ones lit up as the sun set. They were all lit before 10, but it was still a little light out. I waited until 10:15 before the final light I wanted lit up. It was well worth the wait though, all I could keep thinking of was something Carlos told me, "Sometimes we would wait all day doing nothing for the 15 minutes when the light would right." I am so happy the light worked, and I didn't wait all night for a light that was burnt out.